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  Nothing Missing   |   Nothing Broken

This is Delta's Story

On July 6, 2016 my life was shattered.  My 10-month son was taken by DHS and a non-contact order was placed on me.  98 lbs, sores all over my body and a 15 year-long drug addiction was the only thing I had left to show for my life.

My family refused to speak to me and I couldn't see or talk to my other son because of the life I was living. I lied.  I stole. I stole from my mother. I would walk out of the door and would be gone for days to go get another fix as my boys would cry for me.
I had an open case in every court in the county I live in and by the grace of God, the judges allowed me time to get my life back on track.

God had a bigger plan for me.  He used the organizations and churches in my community to help me build a stable foundation to start living a better lifestyle.  Today, I have full and sole custody of my baby boy and I see my oldest son on a regular basis.  To hear my little boy, with arms stretched out saying "Mommy", wanting me to pick him up and to see my oldest son's face light up and say, "I love you momma" are things I hold dear!

I can't let them down, again, I just can't.  I have built a support system, gained restoration in my family, acquired a new circle of friends, as well as developed and maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Today, I choose to stay clean, no matter what life throws at me.  God has given me a newfound ability to be a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, friend but most of all, a doer of his Word.  

There is hope for the broken, there is life after the pits of hell of drug addiction and with faith and a little trust, God can take you where you never thought you could go.  All of this because my God was a gentleman and waited on me one last time.  He pulled me out of my mess, so I could help send a message to others. 

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