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You may have heard it within the context of "Peace" in the Bible or in Judaism, as a greeting.


Shalom in Hebrew actually means


"Nothing Missing, Nothing Lacking, Nothing Broken."  


It is having an unshakable promise of having everything we need to make us whole, complete and full.

This is why we are Shalom Recovery Center. 


We want you to experience being whole and complete! 



Who we Are

Shalom Recovery Centers is about Recovery - Faith-Based.  We were born out of the desire to help bring life-changing hope to individuals and their supportive families, reclaiming their lives in Jesus Christ. 

Founders Lain and Doug Rodgers have spent their lives giving back to their community through ministry that including the "Masters Table"

feeding the hungry and helpless for 15 years.  

But they wanted to do more to change lives that were destroyed and torn apart by addiction and substance abuse.  They understand that short-term solutions were that, short-term.  

They brought the finest dedicated professional practitioners together with a sound clinical and a practical

life-changing long-term program to help them learn how to live free of dependency, reclaim their lives and rebuild their families. 


A changed life and new person is only possible through the person and teachings of Jesus Christ,

the ultimate Healer, Life Changer, Teacher and Counselor.  

Who We Are
Our Mission

Our Mission

Fear and addiction typically go hand-in-hand and people live with the fear that there is no hope for them to beat an addiction. With a faith-based recovery program, there is hope.


This is one of the main ingredients that make the difference for the faith-based approach.

There is hope and recovery available.

At Shalom, we guide our clients into a meaningful restorative relationship with Jesus Christ. As a faith-based Addiction Recovery Center, our mission is to facilitate our clients’ journeys and walk beside them as they leave their old lives behind – including the guilt, shame, hurt, and secrets of the past – and transform into brand-new people with an amazing new

addiction-free and sober lives

filled with hope and purpose.

Our Vision

The nine-month program is not without effort. 

The reason our program is unique is our trained counselors guide you through the process of recovery and finding a new life.

  • Our live-in centers accommodate a total of 87 clients.

  • We have 3 facilities conveniently located

  1.  Men Only Complex -

  2. Women Only Complex and

  3. Transitional Housing.

  • Good nutrition and healthy habits are developed

  • The first 30 days will be spent addressing your past and preparing for a New You.

  • Daily group and personal counseling is mandatory 

  • Accountability for determination, discipline, and responsibility. 

  • Work is required.  We will assist in locating suitable employment to help you pay for your stay here.  Our 9-month program is payable by you through your employment.  When you complete the program, you will have paid for your recovery, and counseling and have some savings to help you start a new life.

  • The distinction between us and other faith-based programs is we offer a long-term "9 months" program. We have an employment program that allows people to gain employment in the local community and we provide all transportation to and from work.  Finance management is provided with supervision to encourage budgeting and to take care of financial responsibilities such as child support, court costs, probation and parole fees, and restitution.  They are also able to save money to assist in transitioning into housing or obtaining a vehicle, etc. 

  • Church activities are mandatory and team and trust-building opportunities are available.

  • Peaceful setting with quiet places for yourself

Our Vision
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