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  Nothing Missing   |   Nothing Broken


"If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."
--John 8:36


Welcome to Shalom: A Transformative Recovery Experience


At Shalom, we believe in providing a path to hope and healing for men seeking to overcome life's challenges in the wake of addiction. Our unique 9-month residential program, nestled in the serene beauty of Hot Springs, Arkansas, offers a transitional living experience that empowers individuals to rebuild their lives. Unlike traditional facilities, we're not a locked-down institution, but we're also not a come-and-go facility either. Our residents are required to be approved when leaving the premises, ensuring a structured and supportive environment for their journey to recovery.


At the heart of Shalom lies our unwavering commitment to faith-based recovery. Our program is firmly rooted in Christian principles, offering a holistic approach to healing. Residents participate in church services a minimum of three times a week, where charismatic and Pentecostal services extend for 2-3 hours. All aspects of recovery, from counseling to group activities, are grounded in the teachings of the Bible, providing a spiritually enriching perspective on the healing process. Residents are required to actively engage in all services and group activities, fostering a sense of community and shared faith.


Shalom is a self-pay, out-of-pocket program, as we do not accept insurance. However, we strongly encourage residents to explore the benefits of insurance for their medical and mental health needs. After an initial orientation period, residents are expected to secure full-time employment in Hot Springs, taking responsibility for their program fees. The cost for the entire 9-month program is approximately $10,000, and we emphasize the importance of clearing this financial commitment as quickly as possible. Once the fees are met, residents can begin saving for their after-care plan, ensuring a smooth transition to life beyond our program.


Furthermore, Shalom is a tobacco and vaping-free facility, promoting a healthy environment for recovery. We believe in supporting our residents in every possible way on their journey to lasting change.


At Shalom, we offer more than just a recovery program; we provide a community, a guiding faith, and the tools to rebuild and renew. Join us in your pursuit of transformation and restoration. Welcome to Shalom – your path to recovery begins here.


Residents are required to rise early, work hard, and respect authority. The schedule is very busy and encourages our residents to develop necessary life discipline skills.

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Shalom Recovery Center is a nine-month, Christ-centered, residential program. We offer men/women the tools to be mentally sound, physically transformed, spiritually alive, and socially adjusted.

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Our program offers services throughout our community to help gain and maintain a holistic lifestyle as well as local connections with various churches, support groups, and organizations. Our goal is to reintegrate the client’s into the community while living in a safe, drug/alcohol-free environment.

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Shalom requires all clients to maintain employment after thirty (30) days of entering the program. It is our belief that employment and the opportunity to be a responsible individual is a significant part of the recovery process.

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Clients will manage their money under supervision and take care of outside financial responsibilities such as child support, court costs, probation and parole fees, and restitution.  Clients will be able to save money to assist in transitioning into housing, obtaining a vehicle, or other necessities.

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Each client is financially invested in paying their own program fees. This fee helps cover the cost of housing, food, transportation, laundry services, utilities. Insurance is not a requirement to pay for the program.

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Shalom also administers random 12 panel drug screens and frequent facility searches to help ensure a safe environment for all clients and staff members.

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What a day in treatment
at Shalom typically looks like:

Begin at 6:00 AM

  • Healthy Breakfast

  • Prayer and Devotion

  • Group Counseling and Life   skills class  (first 30 days)

  • Transportation to and from work (After employment) after first 30 days



  • Lunch/Group Fellowship or employment

  • Group Activity, Service Projects and Outdoor Recreation



  • Evening Meal

  • Church Service

  • Bible Based Recovery/   Relapse Prevention

  •  Individual Bible Study

 Lights Out:
at 10:00 P.M.


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares
the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm
you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

--Jeremiah 29:11
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